Unicorn at the crossErrol is a fine village set on a hill that at one time would have been an island rising out of the marshes of the Carse of Gowrie. The Carse, stretching from Perth to Dundee, has since pretty much dried out after hundreds of years of human effort in a variety of different drainage projects, large and small. It is now rich farmland upon which grows thousands of tons of cereals, vegetables and berries.

Errol, in the middle of the Carse, gazes south towards the mighty River Tay and north at the wistful, gorse flecked Sidlaw Hills.

The purpose of this website is to let you know about our village. We hope it will act as a one stop notice board for events, a place where local news will appear, a useful register of all the many clubs, groups and associations that exist in Errol, and other things that we’ve not thought of yet

Errol’s great!


According to the General Register Office for Scotland, Errol had a population of 1,280 in 2008, an increase on the 2003 figure of 1,140. This increase is set to continue following the construction of new housing developments, with additional developments planned.


Errol is well served with local amenities. Within the village, there are 2 convenience stores, a butcher, a pub, a chip shop, a pharmacy, a doctor’s surgery, a post office, a community centre and a new restaurant. Although there is no permanent bank, there is an ATM and a mobile bank. The village primary school has recently been extensively redeveloped to accommodate the increasing population.